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Avalon Farm

Avalon Farm

Tony and Jenny Maddern are the owner operators at Avalon Farm in Mooliabeenee, producing mangoes in the late summertime and avocados from late winter to early summer at their 12 hectare property on the Mooliabeenee Rd. Their fruit is hand-picked for minimum damage and sold direct from their farm, and at the Northern Valleys Locavore Store, at wholesale prices.

From February-March you can enjoy their magnificent tree-ripened mangoes, and for Jenny, nothing compares to the taste of these southern grown Kensington Pride’s. “It takes 120 days for the fruit to mature here, and only 90 days up North, so the mangos have longer to develop
their flavour – and the taste is to die for!”

The mango season in Western Australia starts in September with produce from Kunnurra, Broome and Carnarvon available throughout summer. ‘KP’ mangos grown in Gingin are the last of the season, and hit the shops as the tail end of the Carnarvon crop comes out of cold storage.

In contrast to those grown up North, Gingin mangos are actually green when ripe. Trays of fruit are then ‘ripened’ using ethylene gas before sale in the supermarkets, which turns the skin colour to the consumer-expected gold, but shortens shelf life and can promote disease. From Tony’s perspective both as a grower, and also as chair of the Southern Mango Growers Association, he would prefer to see them presented as ‘Green southern mangos’ to help educate consumers, and sell the fruit un-gassed.

Avalon Avocados are for sale at the Northern Valleys Locavore Store now for $6 a bag for the smaller fruit and $8 a bag for the medium size. At just over a kilo per bag this is an amazingly low price for these fresh, creamy avocados – bring on the guacamole!

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