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Overloaded with eggs?

If you keep your own chickens, there’s certain times of the year when all of a sudden you have so many eggs you don’t know what to do with them. They are always good to share with friends and neighbours, but for those times when the chooks stop laying, here are a few ideas to help reduce food waste and stock your freezer!
Raw eggs can be frozen if they are cracked and either whisked or separated. Actually freezing may improve an egg white’s foaming ability! Great if you are making a pavlova or sponge. When egg yolks are frozen, they develop a thick, gel-like consistency. Adding either sugar or salt to them before freezing can help. If you plan to use the eggs for cooking or scrabbled eggs, combine by whisking first. Muffin trays are useful for storing, ready to pop out when you need them.
Note, you cannot freeze eggs in their shells or freeze hard boiled eggs according to health regulations – but you can freeze cooked egg dishes like the frittata below! This dish freezes well, and can be used as a quick and handy fast food from your freezer. It’s a cheap and nutritious dish, especially if you have an abundance of spinach or silverbeet in the garden as well. I like to grill or fry after defrosting to give it a nice texture and get rid of excess moisture.
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