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Gingin Nursery stone fruit

Gingin Nursery stone fruit

It may seem as though it’s been the longest winter ever – but you know for sure the season has changed when you can bite into a deliciously tree-ripened, locally grown peach – and that time is finally here.

Every year Michael Liddelow picks almost 3.5 tonnes of stonefruit from the 2500 trees on his block in the Gingin industrial estate, just off Brand Hwy in Gingin. He bought the 5 acre property, which has abundant water, 14 years ago, and since then he’s transformed the sandy block into a veritable garden of eden, with a wide variety of fruit trees, as well as poultry, veggies and plans for a marron dam – all part his long-term goal of a self-sufficient life.

Running his plant nursery alongside the orchard provides additional income to the fickle fruit market. “Prices for trays of fruit haven’t changed much since I bought this place – they were low then, and they’re still low now,” he laments. Michael now focusses on selling his fruit direct to customers who appreciate the tree-ripened flavour and low food miles of his quality produce instead of being at the mercy of the price war at commercial markets.

From November until after Christmas Michael is flat out harvesting peaches, nectarines and apricots. All will be available directly from the Northern Valleys Locavore Store  at wholesale equivalent prices.

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