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Gingin Jam

Gingin grandmother Sylvia Kelly loves to whip up a batch of jam in her kitchen – but that’s where the stereotype ends! Sylvia is a jam-making powerhouse and a testament to self-sufficiency in the face of adversity.

Sylvia is the creator of Gingin Jam, whose preserves are produced using local fruit combined with years of generational experience. The jams are hugely popular with her customers, the taste often evoking feelings of nostalgia from their own childhood. “People have commented that, ‘You can taste the love in your jam’,” says Sylvia.

Gingin Jam was born 25-years ago after the death of Sylvia’s husband Bernie.
“I thought, ‘What on earth am I going to do with no income?’ I decided I’ll just have to look to old skills! I’ve been making jam since I was a kid, so I better just try to do that,” she says. “I grew up in a farm in Wagin and as soon as I could hold a knife, I was cutting up fruit for jam.”

Gingin Jam has over eighty varieties of jam on offer, from the traditional fruits you would expect to find in a jar, to innovative flavours utilising bush foods such as rosella and rieberry.

“I source my fruit from all local orchards and from my own. I get fruit straight off the tree and process it immediately – either directly into jam or prepped for the freezer for later use. There is at least one type of fruit ripening in each month of the year, so it is a year-round production.” she says

The varieties of Gingin Jam are too numerous to mention but include unique combinations like blueberry and apple, peach and mandarin, tangelo and passionfruit!

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