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Northern Valleys Region

The Northern Valleys is used to describe the region north of the Swan Valley and includes the towns of Bullsbrook, Bindoon, Calingiri, Dandaragan, Gingin, Guilderton, Jurien Bay, Lancelin, Moora, Muchea, New Norcia, Watheroo, Wongan Hills, Yerecoin and all the farmlands between them.

The Northern Valleys is a veritable food basket growing just about everything you could imagine. A significant quantity of the state’s fruit, vegetables and meat is grown in the region – not to mention grain crops, wildflowers, wine, eggs and even cheese.

Within the Northern Valleys are well known areas such as the Chittering Valley, famous for its citrus and wines; and Gingin, a powerhouse of horticulture and orchards of all kinds. In Victoria Plains olive groves were planted by the monks as early as 1850 and bread is still made daily in the original New Norcia ovens. Further north the Shires of Moora and Dandaragan are huge producers of meat and grains as well as potatoes, mangoes and citrus.

Why aren’t we eating what’s produced in our own region?

We are living in a food bowl where almost everything you can imagine is grown on our doorstep – but it’s hard to access!

Large producers don’t need to run farm gate sales – they sell direct to Canning Vale and the produce is shipped back to us with an unnecessarily large carbon footprint. Some products, like potatoes, are even shipped over east to be processed, and return to us, across the Nullarbor in refrigerated trucks, as chips or frozen ‘ready to cook’ packaged products.

Small, boutique producers often lack the time and infrastructure to sell direct to the public so they spend their weekends at big Perth markets and we miss out!

The Locavore Store aims to solve all that. Now you can buy and pay online from a range of local producers and collect from one location. Plans for delivery and more pick-up locations are underway.

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