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Our official launch

Tamieka Preston

On 27 March, we had planned to officially launch our online farmers market, Northern Valleys Locavore Store at our Bindoon premises.While our gathering was cancelled, along with so many others, our store was busier than ever before– with online orders flooding our inbox and our delivery truck busy every day.

We want to especially thank all the people who have helped us, and to name a couple of special ones: Graham McAlpine (who actually introduced me to the concept of food security) and Alannah MacTiernan, whose team delivered us a Regional Economic Grant to build our online marketplace.

There are so many others who work in the space of supporting a strong, healthy Food Future for WA and we are so grateful to you.

Equally, we are grateful to our hardworking producers who grow the food we bring to the store and of course our wonderful customers, who make our idea a reality by buying their weekly groceries from us instead of from a big corporation. Your well-spent money doesn’t just buy food. It helps grow our regional economy, support farmers and food entrepreneurs, and help create food security.

Food security hasn’t been high on the priority list for many people — perhaps until now. It’s strange that the coronavirus pandemic has made us think more about where our food comes from, and who we rely on most in a crisis. Food and producers are fundamental to our existence and there’s never been a more important time to acknowledge their contribution to our community.

We set out to build an online hub which would support local producers and enable all of us in our local region to access good quality, locally grown food with low food miles and high ethical standards and sustainability. We’ve achieved a lot. And just when we planned to celebrate by enjoying beautiful local produce and mingling with friends and supporters, we are all at home — exhausted from the biggest week we’ve ever had!

The amazing thing is,  we really launched the Locavore Store this week. We delivered fresh, healthy produce all over the region, connecting farmers with the people who really needed and appreciated their wonderful produce.

We’re still looking forward to the post-corona party – but in the meantime, we’re genuinely celebrating.

To order produce online go to www.nvls.com.au. Delivery throughout the Northern Valleys region is available.

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