What is the Northern Valleys Locavore Store all about?

The Northern Valleys Locavore Store is an online platform that has been created to promote the amazing local produce grown in the Northern Valleys region. The online store offers producers an opportunity to sell their produce locally without manning a farm gate and enables customers the opportunity to purchase local produce direct from producers – it’s like gumtree, but for food and produce!

The other unique thing about the Locavore Store is that we really only sell local produce – and by local we meant grown or produced within 100km of our store! So if reducing the carbon footprint of the food you consume is important to you – buy from us.

Why not buy direct from farm gates?

Buying from farm gates is great if you have the time to drive about the countryside – which is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. But if you want to access farm-direct produce for your everyday shopping, that’s where the Locavore Store becomes a convenient option. You can order online when it suits you, and the growers deliver to our store when it suits them. You pay online and they receive payment direct to their bank accounts. You can collect your order, from a range of producers, all in one place, at a convenient time.

All the supermarkets are promoting local produce – how is this different?

It’s great that many supermarkets are responding to consumer demands and offering local produce, but there is a key difference. Big supermarkets are price setters, and they have huge buying power – enough to drive the price down as low as they can – and producers are in no position to argue. Via the market system, they have to take what they can get. This means so many of our hard-working farmers and growers are being paid a pittance for their produce.

At the Northern Valleys Locavore Store producers set their own price, so you know they are getting a fair payment! You’re also cutting out the middle man – so producers pocket more while in most cases you pay less.

What can I buy?

At the Locavore Store we offer a range of produce such as lettuce, honey, olive oils, eggs, nuts and preserves which are available all year round. As we move through the seasons, in-season fruits and vegetables are available – direct from the farm, as soon as possible after being picked. They are not kept for long periods of time in cold storage, sprayed with chemicals to delay and then bring on ripening nor are they available out-of-season! The exception is the amazing locally produced frozen berries which can be kept in our freezers for several months.

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