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Eggs and Dairy

Camembert 120gm

Handcrafted camembert-style goats cheese.

Chilli Feta Cheese

Handcrafted feta-style goats cheese with a chilli buzz. Order Monday for delivery Friday.

Farmhouse Goat Cheese approx 150g

Handmade goats cheese, special order only

Goat curd 250g

Handcrafted, goats cheese

Goat Yogurt 330mL

Handcrafted, fresh goat's yogurt.


Handcrafted, haloumi-style goats cheese

Little Creek Pastured Eggs – Catering Box of 15 doz Eggs

15 Doz 600g Caterers Eggs = 6 Trays of 30 eggs per tray.

Little Creek pastured eggs 700g

A dozen pastured eggs from our paddock to your plate.

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