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Beyond-Free-Range Fertile Chook Eggs

These fresh, fertile eggs are ready to be slipped under a broody hen or into an incubator.

Camembert 120gm

Handcrafted camembert-style goats cheese.

Chilli Feta Cheese

Handcrafted feta-style goats cheese with a chilli buzz. Order Monday for delivery Friday.

Egg Salad Meals-in-a-box

Egg Salad Meals-in-a-box includes 6 Eggs, 200 gm of Mixed Leaves, 200 gm of Spinach, 500gm of large truss tomatoes, 1 red onion and small bag of sugar snap peas.

Add mayo from the fridge.

Farmhouse Goat Cheese approx 150g

Handmade goats cheese, special order only

Feta cheese

Handcrafted, plain feta-style goats cheese

Goat Yogurt 330mL

Handcrafted, fresh goat's yogurt.


Handcrafted, haloumi-style goats cheese

Little Creek pastured eggs 800g

A dozen pastured eggs from our paddock to your plate.

Quail eggs – 12

100% delicious, 100% fresh quail eggs from Coturnix quails in York

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