Gift Hamper – Medium basket 3

A delightful basket of locally produced goodies including Red Centre Lime Agumato, West Coast Honey candies, Salted Sandalwood nuts, Wildflower honey and a natural bees wax wrap

Gift Hamper – Medium basket 4

A smart gift basket filled with quality local produce. Includes Banksia honey, A bee's wax wrap, agumato olive oil, dark chocolate sandalwood nuts and redgum candies

Gift hamper – Small basket 7

An attractively presented gift hamper including Marvick Farm olive oil, olives from Edmund Rice College, Tomato Chutney and Redgum candies

Gift Hamper – Tray 1

An extravagant basket of local goodies! Includes West Coast Honey candies, Quin Brook olive oil, roasted sandalwood nuts, chilli infused honey, red beetroot relish, Near Genius pickle, native hibiscus in syrup and dukka on a lovely wooden tray.

Good greens box

A box of salad and veg which has travelled less than 100 km.

Includes: 1 x organic butter crunch lettuce, 3 x Lebanese cucumber, 1 x truss of cocktail tomatoes (5), 1 small bunch organic kale, 5 x squash, 1 x leek, 1 x sm sugar snap and 1 x small beans

Hamper 10

A decadent hamper with a range of locally made goodies in an attractive black metal tray. This one is an impressive gift for a client or family.

Hamper 9

A stylish collection of gourmet goodies on a reusable gold platter. A substantial gift for a work colleague, friend or even your mother-in-law!

Locavore gift box – large

A gourmet gift hamper filled with locally made products including relishes, honey, olive oil, black garlic and sandalwood nuts.

Mango- tray of 9 medium/large

Mangoes from Kununurra - these are not grown within 100km - but they are for a good cause! These mangoes were picked by a group of locals to raise money for a hospice in India.

Spring fruit and veg box

A selection of in-season, locally grown fruit and vegetables. All travelled less than 100km to our store, and picked fresh this week.

Stir fry plus veg

1x half organic cabbage, 1 x leek, 1 x kilo squash, 4 x beetroot, 2 x corn, 1 x large truss tomato, 1 x bag of sugar snap peas

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