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Bullet Box

Healthy greens, frozen berries and in-season fruit - everything you need to make amazing nutri-bullet juices and smoothies! Good for the environment, and good for you too. Different each week depending on seasonal availability.

Deluxe fruit box

A box for the fruit connoisseur, containing the very best of what's in season! Premium berries and  in- season orchard fruit mixed with a few exotics. Embrace the seasonal changes and enjoy the best the region has to offer. Trust us to gather what looks best each week from pomegranate, to passionfruit, cereus apples to mangoes – order this each week and experience the full range of the Northern Valleys fruit.

Deluxe Mixed Box

A beautiful bounty of local produce! In-season fruit and veg, pastured eggs, bush honey, homemade chutney and two loaves of  Bindoon Bakehaus sourdough bread.

Fruit box

A box of fruit which has travelled less than 100 km. Our standard fruit box includes a punnet of premium strawberries and seasonal fruit. Fill the fruit bowl with healthy, locally grown fruit!

Good greens box

A super healthy box of green salad and vegetables which have travelled less than 100 km. Contents of this box vary from week to week but are always high-quality, freshly-harvested and locally-grown.

*Please note we are experiencing a shortage of beans this week due to external circumstances. We are looking forward to a fresh crop from another grower soon!

Weekly locavore box

A generous box of produce collectively offered by local farmers less than 100 km from our store. Includes fruit, salad greens, in-season veggies, pastured eggs, plus a different condiment each week. The contents of the weekly locavore box varies with seasonal changes, but is always brimming with freshly-harvested produce which has been ethically and sustainably sourced.

Imagine how you can reduce your carbon footprint simply by ordering one of these each week!


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