Fresh Food Boxes

Good greens box

A box of salad and veg which has travelled less than 100 km.

Includes: 1 x organic butter crunch lettuce, 3 x Lebanese cucumber, 1 x truss of cocktail tomatoes (5), 1 small bunch organic kale, 5 x squash, 1 x leek, 1 x sm sugar snap and 1 x small beans

Mango- tray of 9 medium/large

Mangoes from Kununurra - these are not grown within 100km - but they are for a good cause! These mangoes were picked by a group of locals to raise money for a hospice in India.

Stir fry plus veg

1x half organic cabbage, 1 x leek, 1 x kilo squash, 4 x beetroot, 2 x corn, 1 x large truss tomato, 1 x bag of sugar snap peas

Weekly local produce box

A box of local produce which has travelled less than 100km to our store!

Includes: 12 Little creek pastured eggs, 1 x leek, 1 x fennel, 4 x corn, 1x large bag beans, 1 x large bag snow peas, large truss tomatoes, small truss tomatoes, 1 x butter crunch lettuce 3 x Lebanese cucumbers and a small bunch of garlic.

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