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Australian Native Desert Limes -250gm Frozen

Frozen Australian Native Desert Lime - Citrus Glaucia. 250gm punnet.

Boost your immunity. Nutritional research data found at

Australian Sunrise Lime – Frozen 250gm punnet


Eaten whole. My sweet skin and flesh is a rich source of essential antioxidants and vitamins.

Great chopped or slices on salads

Health smoothies

Baked in cakes or bread


Berry Sweet Frozen Blackberries 1Kg

1Kg of frozen blackberries grown by Berry Sweet Strawberry Farm in Bullsbrook.

Berry Sweet Frozen Mixed Berries 1Kg

Frozen mixed berries - grown in Bullsbrook

Berry Sweet Frozen Raspberries 1Kg

A 1 kilo bag of fresh raspberries from Berry Sweet in Bullsbrook

Capsicum seedlings

We have Alma Paprika, Calefornian Wonder, Chinese Giant, Diamond, Italian Fryers, Quadra Dasti Giallo Seedlings.

Choose from our varieties of tasty hairloom Capsicum


Chilli seedlings

We have Anaheim, Big Jim, Rainbow, Ceyenne Lilac, Hungarian Black,  Jalapino, Joe Parker,  and Scotch Bonnet  seedlings..

Choose from our varieties of tasty hairloom Chillies ranging from mild to very hot.


Frozen Finger Limes 100gm punnet

Australian Native Finger Limes 100gm punnet. A mixed variety of colours and bursts of citrus flavours.

Northern Valleys Fruit Pops

We squash, squeeze and freeze locally sourced fruit from the Northern Valleys region to create frozen fruit goodness on a stick!

Keep up-to-date with the latest fresh produce

Latest in season produce