Baby Cos Lettuce

Grown in Gingin, WA by the Loose Leaf Lettuce Company.
Place order by noon Wednesday for Friday delivery

Beetroot each

Muckenburra grown beetroot, per KG

Black Garlic – Large

Deliciously sweet, black garlic has been slow heat treated to preserve it.

Black Garlic – Small

Black garlic is made from a slow heat treated fresh garlic.

Bok choi

A biodynamically grown boy choi

Capsicum red

Organically locally grown

Fancy Lettuce M&M

A biodynamically grown lettuce

Fruit box

A box of fruit which has travelled less than 100 km.

Includes: 2.5 kilos of mixed seasonal fruit. Currently organic apples, organic pears, Swan Valley grapes, Navel oranges and a 500g punnet of Berry Sweet strawberries. Subject to change due to seasonality and availability! Enjoy the surprise, knowing its all good quality, fresh, clean produce, which has travelled less than 100km to our store.

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