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Apple and Pear Juice Cold Pressed

100% pink lady apples cold pressed into delicious, sweet clear juice.

Apple royal gala $4 kg

fresh crunchy apple just arrived from the orchard

Australian Sunrise Lime – Frozen 200gm punnet


Eaten whole. My sweet skin and flesh is a rich source of essential antioxidants and vitamins.
Great chopped or slices on salads
Health smoothies
Baked in cakes or bread

Berry Sweet Fresh Raspberries

250g punnet of first grade Berry Sweet Raspberries

Blackberries – fresh – 250gms

500g punnet of sweet local blueberries packed with antioxidants and flavour.

Dried seedless grapes

Kafarela's Vineyard since 1944

Fresh seedless grapes are handpicked and air dried, without the use of Sulphur, to produce a dried cluster of berries that makes a beautiful accompaniment to a cheese platter.

Fruit box

A box of fruit which has travelled less than 100 km. Our standard fruit box includes a punnet of premium strawberries and seasonal fruit. Fill the fruit bowl with healthy, locally grown fruit!

Limes (500g)

Regeneratively grown limes by Emma and Tom Mitchell of Worrolong Produce

Each bag is 500g + with 5-6 limes per bag

Wax, fungicide and pesticide free

Organically grown heirloom pomegranates

Organically grown heirloom pomegranates with sweet, red fruit.

Keep up-to-date with the latest fresh produce