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Does your soil need an Angus Hit? Try a bag full of nutrient-rich Angus cow pats from our cattle farm in Bindoon. These natural soil-improvers have been hand-collected by Fletcher and Hartley during Covid 19 isolation and are the perfect addition to your veggie patch. Mix into compost or crumble directly onto soil.

PS: These are recycled bags and do not contain Goat Museli!

Lettuce – Oakleaf Green Seeds

Loose leaf variety. Good variety for baby leaves. Excellent flavour.

Mustard – Red Giant Seeds

Strong flavoured annual for salads. Leaves may also be cooked.

Spinach – Bloomsdale Long Standing Seeds

Dark green leaves that are slightly curled. Can be used as baby spinach.


A variety of hardy, attractive succulents to grow indoors or outside.

Tomato – Amish Paste Seeds

High yielding variety that produces plum shaped tomatoes. Used mainly for cooking but are sweet enough to eat fresh.

Wildflower Posies

A casual arrangement of seasonal native flowers from Plantation Wildflowers

Worm Castings 10L

All purpose, plant and soil conditioner. Castings is packed with minerals & a multitude of microbes essential for plant & soil health.

Suitable for all plants. Use for planting out, enhancing potting & seed raising mixes & as a soil conditioner.

Worm Castings 2L

Castings (Worm Poo) is an organic, all purpose fertilizer/soil conditioner suitable for all plant types.

Used when planting out, Castings reduces transplant shock & encourages root development.


WormWiz 2L

Microbe enriched plant growth stimulant.  Promotes strong healthy growth.

Magical tonic gives your plants a boost when needed. Can be used throughout the plant's growing season.

Suitable for all plants.



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