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Wildflower Posies

A casual arrangement of seasonal native flowers from Plantation Wildflowers

Worm Castings 10L

All purpose, plant and soil conditioner. Castings is packed with minerals & a multitude of microbes essential for plant & soil health.

Suitable for all plants. Use for planting out, enhancing potting & seed raising mixes & as a soil conditioner.

Worm Castings 2L

Castings (Worm Poo) is an organic, all purpose fertilizer/soil conditioner suitable for all plant types.

Used when planting out, Castings reduces transplant shock & encourages root development.


WormWiz 2L

Microbe enriched plant growth stimulant.  Promotes strong healthy growth.

Magical tonic gives your plants a boost when needed. Can be used throughout the plant's growing season.

Suitable for all plants.



WormWiz 5L

A magical tonic for soil & plants. Contains millions of microbes which aid in fungal control & stimulates micro-activity in the soil.

Perfect for lawns, potted plants (indoor & out) & as a foliar spray. Suitable for all plant types.


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