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Australia Day Barbecue Box

Locavores Australia Day Barbecue designed for a group of 5 people.

This pack consists of 500gm BBQ Sausage, 2 Rump Steaks, 500gms of Grapes, 1.5kg of watermellon, 1kg of white potatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 small box of baby capsicums, 1 cocktail truss, 1 white onion, 500gms of carrots, 1 box of squash and twin pack of cos lettuce.

BB tzatziki dip 200gm

Delicious fresh tzatziki dip made by the Bindoon Bakehaus just for us! A classic creamy yogurt and cucumber combo with a hint of garlic and dill

Black barley salad in-a-box

Included in the box...

1 packet black barley, ( 1 kilo - enough for 4 meals),
1 pack Local Goat  chilli feta,
200gm baby spinach,
1 baby cucumber,
1 punnet cherry tomatoes,
1 red onion,
1 avocado,
1 lemon,
small bunch of mint

Casserole in-a-box

Everything you need for a hearty beef casserole - 500gm diced Gingin beef, leek, onion, carrots, red capsicum, tomatoes,  parsley and potatoes. Add some stock, wine or curry of your choice!

Classic steak and chips for two

2 delicious porterhouse steaks from Gingin Premium meats, a kilo of perfect chip potatoes and onion and fresh garlic to fry up. A pub meal you can cook at home for less than half the price!

Egg Salad Meals-in-a-box

Egg Salad Meals-in-a-box includes 6 Eggs, 200 gm of Mixed Leaves, 200 gm of Spinach, 500gm of large truss tomatoes, 1 red onion and small bag of sugar snap peas.

Add mayo from the fridge.

Fabulous fruit and feta

All you need for a fabulous fruity dipping platter!

Gourmet grazing platter in-a-box

All the best artisan products from the region come together to make the perfect gourmet picnic or gorgeous grazing platter. Local Goat camembert, chilli feta, smoked chicken, Regans Ridge olives, Wootra Farm relish and black garlic along with farmland greens, sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh strawberries.

Ready to chop and serve!

Gourmet grazing platter or picnic


Local Goat feta style cheese - this beautiful cheese has been handcrafted  by cheese-maker Julie Drummond in Muckenburra using fresh goats milk

Smoked chicken breast - this delicious free range chicken grown in Gingin has been prepared
ready-to-eat by Mahogany Creek

Classic baguette - freshly baked next door at the Bindoon Bakehaus

Fresh tzatziki dip made by Bindoon Bakehaus with
locally grown ingredients.

Locally grown berries have been picked fresh Bullsbrook

Apricots and plums grown in Gingin

Baby cucumber and truss tomatoes grown by Trandos and salad greens from Farmland Greens


Organic mixed olives from Regan’s Ridge
in Moore River

Organic tomato relish from
Temple of the Vegetable in Chittering


Gourmet picnic pack

Our 100%  locavore picnic includes:

1x Local Goat Camembert cheese,
1x smoked free range(Liberty) chicken breast
1x small sourdough baguette (Bindoon Bakehaus)
1x fruit punnet with locally grown strawberries and blueberries (Berry Sweet)
1 x cucumber (Trandos)
1 x small truss tomatoes (Trandos)
50ml tasters of Regans Ridge olives, Temple of the Vegetable tomato relish, Bindoon Bakehouse Tzatiki dip and fig jam.

Ready-to-eat and presented in a reusable cooler bag with biodegradable plates and cutlery, and a reusable picnic knife.

Kale Salad with Goats Cheese, Fennel, Cranberries and Orange meals-in-a-box

Kale Salad included 1 Kale, 1 Fennel, 1 goat cheese feta and 3 oranges.

Add cranberries and oil from your pantry.

Mexican Breakfast Meals-in-a-box

Mexican Breaky in a box includes 500 gm of gingin premium beef mince, 500 gm of large truss tomatoes, 4 eggs, 1 leek, 1 red onion, 100 gm of parsley and 3 cloves of garlic.

Add chilli flakes and jalapeños from your pantry.

Minestrone Soup

Hearty one pot healthy dinner made in 50 mins. This dinner is action packed with all your winter veggies. The family will love it!

The ingredients in this  soup pack are 1 leek,  1 red onion, 250 gms carrots, 800 gms truss tomatoes, 500gms potatoes, 100 gms of parsley and 200gms of baby spinach. All you will need to add is 8 cups of vegetable stock,1 can of beans and 1 and half cups of shell pasta. Bacon is optional.

Serves 8 people.

Pork roast-a-in-box

Christmas Roast 1.25kg Boneless Kusha Hill Pork Scotch N Crackle, 2kg of washed white potatoes, 1kg carrots, 400gm squash, 250gm baby capsicum, 1 red onion, 1 brown onion, 1 cocktail truss and large bag of green beans.

Potato and leek soup-in-a-box

All the fresh produce you need to make a delicious, nutritious homemade potato and leek soup, including a fresh Bindoon Bakehaus Sourdough to eat it with!

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