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This pack consists of 1 packet of  BBQ Sausage, 2 Rump Steaks, 2x  cucumber, 1 small box of baby capsicums, 1 cocktail truss tomatoes, 1 white onion, a few carrots, a bag of mixed greens., and a chunk of watermelon!

Classic steak, chips and salad for two

2 delicious porterhouse steaks from Gingin Premium meats, a kilo of perfect chip potatoes and onion and fresh garlic to fry up. A pub meal you can cook at home for less than half the price!

Pork Roast-a-in-box

1.25kg Boneless Kusha Hill Pork, with in season roasting vegetables including potatoes, brown onions and in season greens

Pulled beef with apple and cabbage slaw stuffed potatoes

All the fresh ingredients and meat you need for a tasty pulled beef meal with potatoes and slaw

Roast beef and vegetables in-a-box

All the ingredients for a hearty roast beef dinner to feed six. A 1.5 kilo Steak roast from Gingin Premium Meats, Freshly dug potatoes, a slab of pumpkin, plus a few carrots and onions. Less than 10 minutes to prep then set on low and forget. 100% locally grown, from sustainable and ethical farmers.

Roasted Lemon Thyme and Garlic Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes

Roasted Lemon Thyme and Garlic Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes in a box includes a free range, size 14 chicken, 1kg of red potatoes, 2 truss of cocktail  tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic, 1 lemon plus thyme and rosemary.

Smoked Chicken Salad-in-a-box

All the fresh, locally grown ingredients needed for this tasty, substantial lunch salad - great to share with friends! Serves 2 or sides for 4


Spicy Carrot and Chilli Soup

Spice up your night with this Carrot and Chilli Soup.

1kg Carrots

800gms Truss Tomatoes

1 leek

1 Lemon

1 Red Chilli

Tomato Soup-in-a-box

Try this delicious roasted tomato soup - sooo much better than heating up a can!

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