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Classic Pumpkin soup


Half a Japanese pumpkin, 2 carrots, 1 onion and a clove of garlic

Lamb & Barley soup in-a-box

This recipe is unique in that it uses black barley grown in New Norcia teamed with local lamb shanks for a traditional and truly Locavore meal.

Potato and leek soup-in-a-box

All the fresh produce you need to make a delicious, nutritious homemade potato and leek soup.

Spicy Carrot and Chilli Soup

Spice up your night with this Carrot and Chilli Soup.

1kg Carrots

800gms Truss Tomatoes

1 leek

1 Lemon

1 Red Chilli

Tomato Soup-in-a-box

Try this delicious roasted tomato soup - sooo much better than heating up a can!

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