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Gingin premium beef

BBQ Beef Sausages (Gluten-Free) 500g

Gluten-free BBQ Sausages made with local grass-fed grain-assisted beef.

Porterhouse Steak Pack of 2x250g

Local grass-fed grain-assisted Porterhouse Steak. Cryvack-packed 2x250g slices per pack (minimum pack weight 500g).

Premium Beef Mince 500g

Premium-grade Local Beef Mince cryvac-packed.

Rump Steak 500g

Local grass-fed grain-assisted rump steak 500g cryvac-packed.

Scotch Fillet Steak 2x250g

Local grass-fed grain-assisted scotch fillet steak. Cryvack-packed 2x250g slices per pack (minimum 500g pack).

Steak Roast 1.5kg

Topside or Blade Roast, perfect amount of 'cap' coverage to prevent your roast drying out. Premium LOCAL grass-fed grain-assisted beef.

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