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Assorted weekend meats

Fresh meat from the local butcher, the variety will change from week to week, call our friendly staff at nvls to see whats in stock

BBQ Lamb Box

Prepare for the Unforgettable – Mottainai Lamb Low & Slow

Innovate, Challenge Yourself and most of all Enjoy the experience of barbecuing the only lamb meat in the world having 10-times the marbling of traditional lamb. We know you won’t be able to wait so we have included a pack of burgers, 4 succulent Lamb T-Bone chops like you have never seen before, 2 * Lamb Bellies that are out of this world, then the pièce de résistance – Mottainai Lamb Banjo Shoulder that will come apart in handfuls of succulent sweet meat.

Lamb Chops T-Bones x4

Lamb T Bones are a sight for sore eyes, just look at the marbling, talk about the 'wagyu' of lamb. Each loin chop is at least a 200g, 20-25mm thick with a 2" tail that will please even the most discerning lamb connoisseur. The fat cap is left on and will render beautifully in an oven, grill, BBQ or pan. I prefer to BBQ them for 3 minutes one side, 4 minutes on the fat edge then finish 3 minutes on the other. Keep the BBQ at 1/2 throttle and if you can, let the chops rest for 3 minutes before eating.


Note a few tails may not make it inside to the kitchen. They're my favourite part!   Just work on your straight face.. and tell the kids they fell off!

Semi Boneless Lamb Leg (approx 2.25kg)

The Mottainai Semi Boneless Leg is an easy to carve roast. The shank is retained for the depth of flavour. The leg is the perfect balance of lean and healthy marbled meat that ensures the finished roast remains juicy and bursting with flavour.
Grab a recipe card that will assist in delivering the perfect roast every time to share with the family.

The Essentials Lamb Box

Enjoy the basics with a little bit of luxury. This gives you the 2 big meaty lamb hind shanks (1.3kg), mince (1kg) to create whatever else takes your fancy, Mottainai Easy Carve Leg (2.3kg) that many chefs say has better eating quality than most lamb racks, and something special – 2 * Mottainai Lamb Mini Roasts (1.2kg). perfectly portioned for an elegant meal with fine texture and extremely easy to cook. Total weight 5.8kg

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