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Doctor Nuts Macatella Nut Butter

MACANUT the high protein content of this westernAustralian Macadamia is the best breakfast for a growing child, the slightly oily past is full of poly unsaturated fats . the only sweetener is a pinch of organic coconut sugar. Macadamia is sourced from Lower Chittering.

MACATELLA is the sister butter. it is for the chocolate lovers. it has in addition organic Cacao powder.

Flaked Lupins 500grams

500grams of flaked lupin deliciousness. Golden goodness to make using lupins even easier.

Lupin Anzac Biscuits

An Anzac biscuit that is not only gluten free, but also delicious.  You're going to love how easy these are to make & how well they turn out.  Just like the 'traditional' ones, only you can eat them.

QE2 Mayo 250ml

Made of freshly laid quail eggs in our York farm, mixed with 100 % Australian Canola oil. guaranteed Salmonella free as quail eggs does not harbour this terrible Bacteria.

Why quail? the high Protein and low fat content of this egg makes it the healthiest egg you can utilise with no concern regarding Cholesterol and bad fats. the delicious taste of naturally fed quail and quail eggs adds another bonus. it is the best for KETO Followers

Self Raising Lupin Flour

Bake your family favourites without the gluten, you know the ones that bring back those memories of spending time with your Grandma, so you too can share food with your family & create happy memories.
Spend less time experimenting & more time devouring.

Wholemeal Lupin Flour

Our wholemeal lupin flour is jam packed with nutrition. It has 37% protein, 42% fibre and only 6% carbs. If you are used to creating your own blends of wholesome flours, then this ist he perfect product for you.
Our wholemeal lupin flour is minimally processed to keep it as closer to its natural state as possible. It has a beautiful nutty flavour & is ideal in heavier wholesome cooking.

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