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A selection of Beetroot seedlimgs


Get a 6 Pack of Vegetable seedlings built from our Large variety of seedlings to your choice From

Bulls Blood, Detroiot, Choggia, Cylindra, Derwent Globe, Burgees Golden, Mini.



Bath Bombs 110g to 130g Work it!!

For the lovers of bath time, settle in for a good soak with our aromatic fizzing bath bombs.
Whether you're after a relaxing soak or an invigorating pick me up. We have a bath bomb for you.
To Use:
These bombs are heavy and will sink to the bottom of the tub. Hold the ball in your hands under the water and feel the water fizzy between your fingers.
If you don’t have a tub these can be used in the shower. Simply place in the corner of your shower hub let the water droplets do the rest. Do be careful exiting the tub or shower though as the oils and butter can make things extra slippery

Berry Bliss Breakfast in-a-box

Natural Yoghurt handcrafted from Goats Milk 340g

Fresh Strawberries 500g

Fresh Blueberries 250g

Berrysweet jams and sauces

delicious strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and berry jam strawberry topping and raspberry sauce


Beyond-Free-Range Fertile Chook Eggs

These fresh, fertile eggs are ready to be slipped under a broody hen or into an incubator.

Bruschetta meal-in-a-box

Bruschetta in a box includes 1 Sourdough, 500gm of Truss Tomatoes and 100gm of Basil.

Cabbage, Cauili, Broccol seedlingsi

2 Cabbage, 2Caulli, 2 Broccoli

6 Pack of Vegetable seedlings bulit from our Large variety of seedlings to your choice


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