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Natural Deodorant -Geranium & Lime

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Lose the funk & smell fresh as a daisy.​ Our deodorant paste is a healthy way to manage sweat. Remember sweating is your body's natural way of controlling temperature and eliminating toxins/metals. Whipped Earth deo doesn't stop you sweating, but it is enriched with a blend of minerals, clay & essential oils to help absorb moisture, remove toxins & mask smells.​ Please allow a few weeks for this product to take full effect. During this time you may need to apply two to four times during the day, depending on your personal needs & weather conditions. DO NOT use commercial deodorants as well, as this will defeat the purpose.​ Apply a pea sized amount to dry armpits first thing in the morning. Depending on personal needs & weather conditions you may need to apply again throughout the day.


Whipped Earth

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