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Cereus Apple



The Peruvian Apple cactus is a slow growing columnar cactus that can reach heights of up to 15 meters with multiple branching arms. It is a relatively smooth cactus with sparse but coarse spines that cover its deeply convoluted gray-green exterior.

The fruit is strikingly similar looking to Dragon Fruit, but lacks the leafy scale-like structure and is instead completely smooth and elliptical. Its magenta-red skin will split open when ripe to reveal a white fleshy interior speckled with tiny black seeds like those of a kiwi. The fruits’ texture is smooth and juicy, with a subtle tartness and a floral sweetness similar to sugarcane. 

The fruit on sale is of a C. repandus(Peruvian Apple cactus) hybrid bred locally.

Very refreshing on a warm day.

With the warm/hot weather please do not place the fruit in the freezer portion of your refrigerator, best place is in the vegetable section.

That way you can enjoy the refreshing fruit without the superficial damage caused by the freezing process.

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