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Desert Flame Eau de Parfum (1ml Sample Size)



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Desert Flame Eau de Parfum


An indigenous woman tends to the land and creatures that she has been protector of since she was born. The desert calls her to create art and stories, and pass the flame to her children so that they too, can protect Mother Earth for future generations. The cycles of night and day are ever present in the Australian desert; awareness and mindfulness is all that is required as time slips by.

This perfume reflects the dry desert in a balmy summer evening when the flower buds are closing for the day yet emit their strongest, most narcotic, but not too sweet scent.  Base notes reflect the earthiness of the land and trees that linger long after the florals have left for the night.


Base – Musk Accord – including Cuban Cigar (tincture) and Cinnamon

Middle/Heart – Amber Accord – including Smoky Banana (tincture), Vanilla , Ylang Ylang , Basket Bush (extrait) and Bulgarian Rose.

Top – Australian Native Accord - including Rosalina and Lemon Myrtle

The finest and most exclusive tinctures and extraits are formulated by hand by artisan perfumer Danica-Lea Larcombe.  Accords are hand picked and blended.  We only use 100% pure essential oils and plant materials. Ethanol is derived from Australian cane sugar.  No animal products are used.


A delicious, addictive, uplifting sweet and powdery floral scent, making you want to keep smelling it again and again.  A heady depth, inviting mystique and warm embers. Soothing for the heart.

Limited amount available with rare Basketbush extrait.  Each order is freshly dispensed by artisan perfumer Danica-Lea Larcombe.  Each 5ml and 10ml bottle is packaged in a beautiful gift box.