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Foam cone for Strawberry Tree



A 30cm foam cone to make the Strawberry Christmas tree pictured.


Strawberry tree
When the annual class Christmas party pops up on your calendar are you the type to dash to the supermarket in a frenzy? Or are you the parent who calmly pulls out a stash of recipes tagged on Pinterest that you’ve been longing to try? I was a bit of both, but once I perfected the art of the strawberry tree, my Christmas party woes were over!

This little number ticks a lot of boxes including being largely healthy (depending on what you add for decoration), dairy and sugar free (if you skip the chocolate), and gluten free, even with all the trimmings! Best of all it’s super impressive and guaranteed to bring a gasp of delight to the lips of eager children and teachers alike. All you need is a really good foam cone, (Spotlight or Big Bubble can help), toothpicks, and a heap of strawberries!

Add some blueberries or Malteasers for baubles and dust with icing sugar for a not very Australian yet delicious snowy finish. A handmade star tops it off!

You’ll need:
1 x foam cone
1 x platter – a large round one slightly bigger than a dinner plate works well.
1 x packet toothpicks
1 x Christmas star
4-6 punnets of strawberries (depending on size)
1 x punnet blueberries or Malteasers
Icing sugar to dust.

Stick the cone to the platter with blue tack so it’s steady.

Rinse and drain the berries . I leave the green leaves on but you can remove.

Starting at the base, stick a toothpick in the cone and spike the strawberry onto it. Work your way all over the cone, covering with strawberries as close together as possible.

When it’s mostly covered you can use the blueberries or Malteaser's to fill in the gaps.