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Tanamerah Lamb taster box

$79.00 $98.00


We have run out of stock for this item.

A box of Tanamerah Lamb ready to make heaps of delicious meals!

Our Dorper lamb is grass fed and grass finished and raised free to roam through the Mooliabeenee hills. Taste the difference!

1 x lamb leg roast (1.5k) $34.95
1 x lamb loin chops (4-6 per pack) $19.95
1 x forequarter chops (2 per pack) (700g)$16.95
1 x pack neck chops (approx 4) $14.95
1 x pack ribs (800g) $14.95

Approx total 4.7 kilos
*please note weights fluctuate between animals so these weights are approximate.
(Value $98.70)