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Sunrise Lime and Guava Shrub Syrup



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A shrub is a drinking vinegar. Made with just Limes, apple cider vinegar and sweetened with sugar. The name Shrub comes from the Arabic word 'sharab' meaning 'to drink'.  The origin of the drinks goes back to 17th century England, however, the 'modern' shrubs have their origin in Colonial America.  Fruit was preserved in vinegar and when it was time to use the fruit, the vinegar was poured off, sweetened with sugar or honey and drunk as a syrup to flavour to water, which was often foul tasting. Once refrigeration became common place, shrubs lost popularity.  In about 2011, shrubs reappeared in restaurants in America, Canada and England.  They are now becoming more popular as an additive to cocktails and mocktails, with the sweet/sour high impact flavour.14K Shrubs are made both with and without sweetener.  Our reasoning for this is to accomodate dietary needs of our customers.  Although, even with sweetner added, each serve remains below 4% sugar, once diluted.Shrubs can be enjoyed with soda water, plain water, soft drinks, in cocktails and mocktails.  Shrubs can also be used in dressings, sauces and marinades as well as in any recipe calling for vinegar.  Our shrubs contain only fruit infused apple cider vinegar, and/or teas infused into wine vinegar as well as sugar or honey as labelled.The benefits of Apple cider vinegar are well documented and the addition of infused fruits and teas, the health benefits are compounded.