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Mellisae Beard Balm Stick - 20g



We have run out of stock for this item.

All Mellisae Honey beard balms are original formulations, crafted using beeswax from her own hives.

All beeswax is triple filtered and rendered in our solar melter, harnessing the power of the WA sun.

This formulation is nourishing, non greasy and has a light hold, to shape and sculpt if necessary. Many users have gone on to use it as a moisturiser, and also a hair wax with great results.

There are 2 scents available, all crafted with original essential oil formulations, using a small West Australian essential oil supplier.

'Smoker' is always a favourite with the men - woodsy, earthy with a hint of peppermint to keep things fresh.

'Swipe Right' is a hit with the ladies - fresh, citrusy with underlying base notes of frankincense.

Beard Balms come in 20g sticks - easy to apply and carry in your toiletry bag. Just wind it up, rub onto your hands or directly onto your beard and work it in.