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Mellisae Hair Clay Wax 60g



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Mellisae Honey Hair Clay Wax is an original formulation, crafted using beeswax from her own hives.

All beeswax is triple filtered and rendered in our solar melter, harnessing the power of the WA sun.

This formulation is all natural, nourishing, with a light to medium hold and non greasy. It was originally formulated for young children, after noticing a gap in the market for non chemical based hair products.

This products contains bentonite clay for fullness and a semi matte finish. The formulation does not contain any suspending agent, and users will find that the clay settles towards the bottom of the product.

This allows you to choose how you want to use it. Scrape the top layer for stronger waxy hold or scrape from the bottom for a matte finish and fullness. Choose a combination for best of both worlds.

This product is also a hit with the ladies to tame the frizz, with a lovely fresh essential oil blend and combination of nourishing ingredients for hair.

Tins are 60g, with the product best scraped out with the back of a thumbnail, warmed between the hands, then applied to the hair.