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Mellisae Massage Balm 60g



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All Mellisae Honey massage balms are original formulations, crafted using beeswax from her own hives.

Beeswax is triple filtered and rendered in our solar melter, harnessing the power of the WA sun.

This formulation is non greasy and unlike massage oils, it will not cling to your clothes or make your hair greasy. The beeswax gives the balm a light grip, especially helpful for sport massage or myofascial release.

There are 2 scents available, all crafted with original essential oil formulations, using a small West Australian essential oil supplier.

'Relaxation' is a lavender and citrus blend, designed to relax and suitable for any age. This is a great balm for small children, to help with sleep or to rub onto sore tummies.

'Sport' is an invigorating blend, but without the heat of commercial sport balms.

Tins are 60g, with the balm best scraped out with the back of a thumbnail, warmed between the hands, then applied to the skin.