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Merre Granola - Rolled Oats + Chia & Hemp (blue) 1kg MADE IN WA LIKE NO OTHER



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Freshly Rolled Wheatbelt Oats with Chia Seeds & Hemp Hearts.

Excellent choice for a high protein, high fibre breakfast or snack.

Can be used to make overnight oats or an instant breakfast.
You will certainly taste the freshness.

Approximately 20 serves per kilo. 

Nutritional Information

10 serving
per package


Av quantity
per 50 g serving

Av quantity per 100 g


860 kJ

 1720 kJ


7.6 g

15.1 g

Total Fat

8.2 g

16.4 g

- Sat Fat

1.0 g

2.0 g


22.8 g

45.5 g

- Sugars

0.5 g

1.0 g


2 mg

3 mg



Allergy Alert - contains gluten from oats & other grains due to crop rotations.
Kitchen may have traces of nuts & seeds.