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No. 1 The Black Rose: Assam & Rose Tea (45 serves)



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Calm your mind, simplify your life and bring warmth into your home with a cup of organic farmhouse tea.Ingredients:Camellia sinensis var. assamica (Organic Assam)Rosa centifolia (Organic pink rose petals)Grown in the mountains of Assam, this rich black loose leaf tea delivers both an earthy and malty flavour. The leaves are kissed with pink rose petals to enchant the aromatic senses and impress the fussiest tea connoisseur. Produces a burnt umber colour.Sizing Options:90G Pouch, as above (45 serves) Or;90G Storage Glass Urn (45 serves)Contains Caffeine.We choose local Australian ingredients first, when unavailable we source from other trusted organic estates.