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No. 3 Sleepy Cottage: 10 x 100% Plant Material Pyramid Teabags



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Calm your mind, simplify your life and bring warmth into your home with a cup of organic farmhouse tea.Ingredients:Organic chamomileBoth delicate and fragrant, these blooms produce a slight honey flavour when brewed. A soothing tea enjoyed best one hour before bedtime, a tea well known for it's anxiety and sleep aid properties.These loose leaf pyramid teabags have been made from 100% Non-GMO plant material, using the latest technology from Japan. Ingredients packed in Australia.We first choose local Australian ingredients when available and source outside to other trusted organic estates when local unavailableSizing Options:18 x teabags (current product selected);35 x teabags;23G Pouch / 25 serves;45G Pouch /50 serves;45G in a Glass Keepsake Storage Urn / 50 Serves