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No. 5 Pompous Peacock: Green, Fig, Orange & Fennel Tea



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Calm your mind, simplify your life and bring warmth into your home with a cup of organic farmhouse tea.Ingredients:Camellia sinensis (Organic green sencha)Calendula officinalis (Organic calendula petals)Centaurea cyanus (Organic blue cornflowers)Centaurea cyanus (Organic fennel seed)Ficus carica (Organic dried figs)Citrus sinensis (Organic Dried Oranges)A supreme large leaf green tea blend displaying the colours of the grand peacock. An energetic & refreshing green tea with subtle flavours of fresh orange, soft warm notes of fig and a sophisticated sweet finish of fennel. Not for the tea dabbler, this tea is for those searching a little difference in their cup!Try Pompous with a teaspoon of honey, it becomes moreish!Pompous also makes a refreshing ice tea (just add honey and slices of fresh orange)SIZE OPTIONSGlass Tea Urn: 100 grams tea included (approx 50 cups)We choose local Australian ingredients first, when unavailable we source from other trusted organic estates.