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No. 7 The Earldom: French Madame Grey Tea



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Calm your mind, simplify your life and bring warmth into your home with a cup of organic farmhouse tea.Ingredients:Organic Assam & Ceylon black teaOrganic lavender flowersOrganic pink rose petalsOrganic cold pressed bergamot oilOrganic lemon myrtleOrganic vanilla pod shavingsThis decadent French Madame Grey, delivers the most delicious taste with organic cold pressed bergamot oil. Fanciful & pretty with the addition of blue lavender flowers & pink rose petals that we personally handcrafted to bring happiness into your day. You will definitely want to try this tea, in fact we're pretty sure that you will love this signature Farmhouse blend so much that you may become addicted! Consider yourself warned tea lovers!*New ingredient* Organic Cold Pressed Bergamot Oil. Previously used Organic Bergamot Peel.Wfirst choose local Australian ingredients when available and source outside to other trusted organic estates when local unavailable.