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Paddock to plate meat box



Meat for a week!

1 kilo of Tannamerah grass fed beef sausages, 1 kilo of Tannamerah grass fed beef mince and a Tannamerah grass fed beef rump steak , a roast leg of lamb from Tanamerah Farm Lamb (or a scotch and crackle Kusha Hill Pork and pork chops - add in notes if you have a preference), a whole free range chicken (**NOTE no whole chickens available this week - replacement will be lamb chops!) and a pack of chicken wingettes) and a pack of chicken thigh from Liberty free-range chicken.

All meats are from ethical and sustainable sources and were grown by farmers within 100kms of our store. If you care about traceability and want to understand where your meat has come from, this is the ultimate paddock to plate pack!

*Note some cuts may be substituted due to availability, but are always excellent value and ethically and sustainably sourced.