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Crayfish for Christmas

Sedate lobster in fresh water or on ice for 10 mins. Alternatively, wrap in newspaper and pop in the freezer for at least half an hour to sedate it.

• Boil a large pot of water – enough to fully cover the crayfish you intend to cook.

• Add 50-70 g of salt per litre – 
(think sea water saltiness!).

•  Spike your lobster between the tail and the head to make sure it’s dispatched.

•  Once you have a rolling boil, fully submerge the whole lobsters, quickly and so they are fully covered.

•  Boil for 7 minutes for a medium (500 g) or 9 minutes for a large.

• Remove and place on ice to stop further cooking.

• Once cooled enough, carefully slice down the centre as pictured left. Leave the head intact as the ‘mustard’ adds flavour.

You can eat straight away out of the shell with salad or whatever you fancy. A squeeze of lemon is often all you need!

For something a bit more special, toss on the BBQ with olive oil and garlic and lightly fry off on both sides before serving. If you’re planning to do this, you may want to boil for just 5-6 minutes. Generally its better to undercook rather than overdo it and turn the meat rubbery.

Enjoy your feast!

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