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Temple of the vegetable

Temple of the Vegetable

Temple of the Vegetable is so named because of the temple-like design of the vegetable garden.  The Temple was constructed between October 2008 and April 2009 on Clair and Paul’s farm in Chittering, Western Australia about 12 kms north of Bindoon in a labour of madness with help from Leah and a couple of other mates.  Building the Temple fulfilled one of Clair and Paul’s ambitions to be able to grow their own vegetables and fruit on a large scale.

The Temple structure is 15 m x 30m and 4m high in the centre and is fully enclosed with netting.  There are 8 raised beds inside the Temple of which 3 are used for permanent crops, the remainder are used for seasonal crop rotation.  The Temple also contains lime and pomegranate trees and there is a citrus and fruit orchard and an additional 15m vegetable bed outside the Temple structure.  The battery operated, gravity fed, reticulation system (installed by irrigation queens, Clair and Leah) waters all beds and trees using rainwater collected on the farm.

The first crops from the Temple were produced in mid-2009 and the garden has been in full production ever since.  The Temple has operated spray free, using biodynamic methods since 2010. In 2017 Clair and Leah started making a range of pickles and relishes from the abundant fresh produce under the “Temple of the Vegetable” brand.  These are now available in the Locavore Store, along with seasonally available organic vegetables from the Temple garden.

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