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What we discovered at Taste of Chittering!

Well, we sure had a bit of fun on Sunday showcasing our range at Taste of Chittering, not to mention lugging a lot of produce back and forth! What was really surprising to me was that many locals didn’t realise they could pop in to 29 Binda Place anytime during the week and collect their produce. It’s best to order and pay online first, but if we have stock in store you can just drop in and pay on the spot. We do hope to see more local faces soon.

Another interesting thing that I discovered was just how few people are willing to pay a little bit extra for an ethical purchase! How misled we have been by the big supermarkets :-(. With Coles offering ‘Free range’ eggs online for $3.80, many Perth consumers balked at the concept of spending a mere $7.50 for Noelle’s beautifully fresh Little Creek pastured eggs from her carefully-cared-for chickens. They obviously have no idea how much effort goes into growing good-quality food.

If you like supporting local producers and want to reduce the carbon footprint of the food you eat this week, please jump online at www.nvls.com.au and check out what we have. Every purchase you make puts money directly into the pockets of our local farmers so that they can keep doing what they do best.

This week we have an abundance of sweet Hickson Mandarines from Redlands Farm in Bindoon – picked on Saturday by our lovely Amanda Oversby ( I believe the kids helped). We also have huge oranges from Moora Citrus and amazing Australian Sunrise limes ( a native product) picked up the road in Mogumber by Vicky and Mark from Marvick Farms. This unusual little native citrus can be eaten whole and has some amazing health benefits. Read about the health benefits here…https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/health-benefits-citrus-caviar-dr-paul-haider

We also have some Little Creek Pastured eggs from last weeks batch now reduced to $5 a doz for the 600gm and $6 a doz for the 700gm. *** Free for Bindoon Primary School parents who are baking for the athletics cake stall!

Hope to see you soon!

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