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Good Clean and Fair

Good Clean and Fair

At the Northern Valleys Locavore Store we’re proud to have been given the ‘Snail of Approval’ by Slow Food Swan Valley – our local arm of the worldwide Slow Food movement. 

For Good, Clean and Fair Producers or Businesses

The Snail of Approval is an International recognition program aimed at inspiring producers, businesses, and consumers, to promote and consume GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR produce and ingredients around the world, and your Swan Valley and Eastern Regions Slow Food Convivium has established a local Snail of Approval in Western Australia

If, as the farmer poet Wendell Berry says, “Eating is an agricultural act”, it follows that producing food must be considered a “gastronomic act”.

Produces and businesses can be recognised if they produce or provide food which is:


GOOD: seasonal, local, quality, flavoursome and healthy food

A food’s flavour and aroma, recognizable to educated, well trained senses, is the fruit of the competence of the producer and of choice of raw materials and production methods, which should in no way alter its naturalness.

CLEAN: sustainable production with low impact on the environment

The environment has to be respected and sustainable practices of farming, animal husbandry, processing, marketing and consumption should be taken into serious consideration. Every stage in the agro-industrial production chain, consumption included, should protect ecosystems and biodiversity, safeguarding the health of the consumer and the producer.

FAIR: accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers and their workers and staff

Social justice should be pursued through the creation of conditions of labour respectful of man and his rights, and capable of generating adequate rewards; through the pursuit of balanced global economies; through the practice of sympathy and solidarity; and through respect for cultural diversities and traditions.

You can read more about the Slow Food International here… 


Vincenzo Villetri, leader of the Swan Valley and Eastern regions Slow Food convivium

Receiving our Snail of Approval from Alannah MacTiernan at the Terra Madre event 2019

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