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Someone's telling porky pies...

Someone's telling porky pies...

If you’ve ever scrutinised the bacon packaging in a supermarket fridge, you would have encountered a curious thing. While the trusty green and gold ‘Made in Australia’ logo indicates the country of origin, it also tells us the percentage of Australian ingredients. Look closely at the bar chart and you’ll notice that despite the packet brandishing the words ‘Farm Fresh’, ‘Local’ and WA Made, the majority of ham and bacon sold in Australia might be processed here, yet contains less than 20% Australian ingredients – and none of those are meat. 

Apparently cheap pork is imported to satisfy our country’s considerable bacon demands, and the problem is not only that Australian farmers are missing out – it’s also that we just don’t know the conditions the animals were raised in. High welfare comes at a cost many larger factory farms are just not willing to pay. So when the meat is cheap – ask yourself who missed out. Chances are it’s the pig who drew the short straw.

Growing high welfare meat comes at a slightly higher cost, but if we want these standard to change, we need to support those farmers who are committed to improving ethics and producing a higher welfare meat. The more we buy from them - the more they’ll grow! 

Not all Australian Pork comes from high welfare growers either - look for RSPCA Approved, Free Range, Sow Stall Free and Free from Artificial Growth Promotants – as well as Australian Pork. It’s a minefield of ethical stress I know – but surely it’s the least we can do to support high welfare and Aussie farmers!

Fortunately for us, we do have some good growers right here in our region – and Kusha Hill Pork who is featured on our cover are doing their best to use compassion in their farming practice.

We also have several wonderful local butchers in the region, and to be 100% sure of what you’re purchasing, buy from them rather than a big supermarket – they might even be able to tell you the growers name! 


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