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Strawberry Tree

Strawberry Tree

This Christmas strawberry tree has been a favourite with my children (and their teachers) for quite a few years now! It’s ideal for kids’ Christmas parties as it’s a somewhat healthy option and gluten free but still looks impressive!

The hardest part is sourcing a foam cone - Spotlight or Big Bubble usually carry them, and we have sourced some for the Locavore Store this year to save you a trip to town! Once you find the ideal cone you can reuse it year after year, provided no-one accidently throws it away.

You’ll need:
1 x foam cone
1 x platter - a large round one slightly bigger than a dinner plate works well.
1 x packet toothpicks
1 x Christmas star
4-6 punnets of strawberries (depending on size)
1 x punnet blueberries or Malteasers
Icing sugar to dust.

*Stick the cone to the platter with blue tack so it’s steady.

*Rinse and drain the berries . I leave the green leaves on but you can remove.

*Starting at the base, stick a toothpick in the cone and spike the strawberry onto it. Work your way all over the cone covering with strawberries as close as possible.

*When it’s mostly covered, you can use the blueberries or Malteasers to fill in the gaps.

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