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Farming with compassion

Farming with compassion

When Eddie Sprigg set out to custom build this modest family-owned piggery, he always planned to do things a little differently. Guided by acknowledgement of the five freedoms of animal welfare, he is committed to demonstrating both compassion and good provenance in his farming practice. Fortunately for local pork-lovers, happy pigs produce excellent pork – and we can indulge in good conscience.

Our pigs are bred with care, are born in “Compassion in World Farming” spaces and live in freedom. We are family owned and operated with a true passion for our animal’s welfare. This resonates right through to our consumers – a happier pig always provides a superior culinary experience.

From our custom built freedom farrowing pens to our straw and sun filled eco shelters, our facilities ensure we are able to rear each pig in a stress-free environment, bringing you the best pork in Western Australia. Located in Dalwallinu we are in a prime spot to make the most of what our land has to offer! Every year we grow approx. three quarters of the grain we’ll need for feed... and support the local economy by purchasing the rest from farmers within the community.

The sows are group housed in small stable groups, in roomy conditions and sheds built to the standards recommended by Compassion in World Farming.

Our piglets are born in custom built free farrowing huts, the first of their type in Australia, but used extensively in agricultural colleges and progressive private piggeries throughout the UK. These huts provide a stall free and natural environment whilst allowing us to maintain climate control, essential for comfort in rural WA. To allow natural behaviour and in keeping with our beliefs, at Kusha Hill all our pigs are reared in straw filled eco shelters. Growers love to play and here we encourage them to.

Shaun, Job, Ash and Cain, the boars, lead happy lives in their individual areas with loads of room, loads of straw and everything else needed to keep them in top form.





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