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Don’s Angus beef ribs

Don’s Angus beef ribs

Here is a fantastic recipe for beef ribs courtesy of WA Food Ambassador Don Hancey! It’s the recipe he cooked at the Angus Australia Centenary Celebrations in Gingin this September.

Don used a 60-day grain-finished beef from Lime Peaks Grazing, Guilderton. The beef was sourced via Gingin Quality Meats, who sell 100% local beef, and worked with Don to get the ideal carcass and cut for the dish.

Folks this an easy to do recipe that can be cooked simply in a crock pot or slow cooked in an oven – Don

• 8 Angus beef short ribs
(about 2kg)
• WA Lake Deborah Salt sprinkle
• Good crunch of black peppercorns
• Good splash (2 glasses) WA red wine, a peppery shiraz is perfect
• 300 mls approx of bbq sauce, smokey is great
• Good sprinkle of paprika
• 2 L approx of water


Turn crock pot on.

Sear beef ribs in a medium hot pan both sides to give some colour.

Sprinkle with paprika, salt and pepper both sides.

Place in crock pot and brush each rib with the bbq sauce.

Gently pour water on top to almost covered.

Cover with lid and cook on high for 2 hours.

Have a glass of shiraz!

Turn down to low and cook a further 1 hour…test one rib for tenderness…meat should almost fall off the bone.

If done turn off crockpot.

If not quite tender cook for a further 30mins.
Have a glass of shiraz.

Turn off crock pot and let ribs sit for 30 minutes.

Gently lift out ribs and place on a tray, let cool.

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