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Fresh herb and lupin dip

Fresh herb and lupin dip

Fresh herb and lupin dip 
150 g lupin flakes
40 g olive oil
3 tblsp tahini paste
3 cloves crushed garlic
4 tblsp lemon juice
1 tblsp chopped sage leaves
2 tblsp chopped parsley
2 tblsp chopped mint
1 tblsp chopped basil leaves
1 tsp herbs de Provence
1 heaped tsp salt
Put lupin flakes into a pot of hot water and boil for 2 minutes.  Drain the water from the lupins and set the lupins aside while preparing the remaining ingredients.

Fry, in a 1 tblsp of the oil, the crushed garlic, chopped parsley and sage till garlic is just tender. Put the lupin flakes into food processor and add the remaining ingredients. Blend until all ingredients are well mixed and you are happy with the consistency of this dip.

Serve with biscuits or julienned vegetables.

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