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Kimchi and Kraut - Green St Kitchen



Kimchi has been a staple of the korean diet for centuries. This spicy fermented cabbage dish comes in many forms and is an essential part of a korean meal.

Lauded for assisting in maintaining optimum health, raw fermented kimchi is loaded with vitamins, but its biggest benefit is the "living healthy bacteria" called lactobacilli that is created during the fermentation process.  

This good bacteria helps to replenish your gut flora which will aid with digestion, and not only is our range of kimchi good for you, it also tastes great! bring your meals to life with green st kitchen's raw fermented kimchi.

Green street kimchi and krauts are made with deliciousness in mind!

 Our founder spent many years in hospitality working as a chef across the globe, where he honed his craft and learned to appreciate the culinary fundamentals of colour, flavour, texture, balance and restraint.