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Living Coconut Yoghurt 500gms



Everyone’s familiar with yoghurt. however, this one is special. made with organic coconut cream, high quality yoghurt culture, and no sugar, our coconut yoghurt is the purest you can find in the market. as we pursue the highest standard for healthiness, we never compromise on flavours. with a slightly sour tang, smooth and creamy texture, our living coconut yoghurt is the ultimate palette pleaser which your tongue is craving.

It is living and healthy. our coconut yoghurt is crafted with organic ingredients—no powders, fillers, gums, or tricky sweeteners. It is authentically fermented which offers billions of living probiotics per serving, which offers strong gut support by the spoonful. Plant-based and dairy-free, anyone can enjoy it effortlessly.

Our living coconut yoghurt is versatile. you can simply enjoy it right out of the jar, you can also incorporate it into your diet is by making a fruit salad or delicious granola just like what you can do with our kefir! also, you can always dive deeper into the endless possibilities of creating fantastic dishes with the amazing natural flavour of living coconut yogurt!