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Paddock to plate meat box for 4

$139.00 $145.00


• 1 x pack sausages ($14.95) 

• 1 x kilo pack mince ($19.95)

• 1 x pack of forequarter lamb chops ( $19.95)

• 1 x pack Tannamerah grass fed beef osso bucco ($14.95)

• 1 x pack Tannamerah grass fed Rump steak ($19.95)

• 1 x Tannamerah grass fed beef roast ($24.95) 

• 1 x whole free range Liberty chicken size 13 (1.3 kilo)  ($14.95)

• 1 x pack of chicken thigh from Liberty free-range chicken. (approx 500gm) ($13.50) 

All meats are from local farmers using ethical methods and sustainable practices.

If you care about traceability and want to understand where your meat has come from, this is the perfect paddock to plate pack to feed a family. ( if you're a large family add the Paddock to Plate for 2 for a wider range) Packed when ever possible with *econic home compostable cryovak, biodegradable sugarcane trays and the absolute minimum single use plastic.

Note meat weights vary and some cuts may be substituted due to availability. But rest assured we mix and match to make sure you get more than what you paid for rather than less – and all meats are ethically and sustainably sourced.