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StamiLyte 10 10ml Sachets Pack of Minerals Electrolytes Concentrate Drink Mix

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StamiLyte Drink Mix Concentrate Benefits:

  • Gives you energy, endurance and stamina by improving the electrical charge of your brain and nervous system plus it activates many enzymes and hormones boosted by minerals and trace elements.
  • 10 convenient sachets of  10ml of StamiLyte.
  • Helps in relieving cramps, aches and inflammation due to minerals replenishments.
  • Has all the 21 essential minerals and electrolytes.
  • Makes 10ltr of electrolyte, 20 500ml bottles.
  • Only 35c per 500ml serving bottle.
  • All natural and pure.
  • Helps with hangovers by replacing the minerals due to alcohol excretion.
  • Perfect addon to alcoholic drinks.

What is StamiLyte?

StamiLyte is a natural and mineral-rich super electrolyte drink mix concentrate with all the 21 essential minerals and trace elements our bodies need. Each 10ml of our concentrate makes 1 litre (2  500ml servings) of electrolyte water ready to drink to fully hydrate you. 10ml of StamiLyte has around 1500mg of salt, minerals and trace elements. As a result, it will increase your energy and prevent dehydration from strenuous exercise.

We source StamiLyte from pure 18 million-year-old mineral-rich artesian springs in Western Australia.

The 21 essential minerals and trace elements found in StamiLyte will absorb faster in your body than a tablet because they exist in soluble ionic form. These minerals and trace elements in StamiLyte are concentrated enough for high absorption in your body and reduce electrolyte and mineral imbalance. Research shows minerals and trace elements found in tablets are hard for our bodies to absorb and instead many of the nutrients just pass through.

Drinking StamiLyte before exercise will give you the energy boost needed to increase endurance. This is because the minerals and electrolytes help improve your body’s oxygen intake, boost your electrical activity in your nerves, nourish your muscles and improve metabolism. We call it StamiLyte because we believe it’s a Stamina Enhancing Electrolyte drink.

Most foods are produced today on an industrial scale from land depleted of these essential minerals and trace elements because of over farming. As a result, the deficiency of these trace elements needed to produce enzymes and hormones in our bodies can lead to disease and early aging.

What makes StamiLyte unique are the 21 essential minerals and trace elements. Our bodies absorb these nutrients fast because they are in dissolved ionic form. StamiLyte contains No Added Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Chemicals, Salt, Preservatives and Colours, unlike other electrolyte drinks.

StamiLyte is now endorsed by the Buy West Eat Best, West Australian government best food initiative.

Why StamiLyte Electrolyte Drink?

StamiLyte is an electrolyte drink that improves your energy levels and hydration during exercise. Drinking StamiLyte daily will restore your body’s 21 most needed essential minerals and trace elements. This is important because as we age, it is harder for our bodies to absorb these nutrients from food and other supplements. StamiLyte contains just enough of these nutrients so that your body gets what it needs. Our bodies are unable to efficiently absorb mineral supplements in tablets because they are not in a dissolved ionic form. If the body is not getting enough of these essential minerals, it can adversely compromise your immune system leading to serious illness.

How do you take the StamiLyte Concentrate?

Before strenuous exercise mix a 10ml sachet of StamiLyte Concentrate with one litre of water or juices. Pour the mixture into a bottle and seal tightly. Shake well to blend. Makes 2 x 500ml servings.

Storage: Once mixed store in a dry cool place and refrigerate after opening.