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StamiLyte Mineral Rich Electrolyte Concentrate - 500ml - Makes 50 Litres

0.6 kg


Why StamiLyte Electrolyte Drink?

StamiLyte is an electrolyte drink that improves your energy levels and hydration during exercise. Drinking StamiLyte daily will restore your body’s 21 most needed essential minerals and trace elements. This is important because as we age, it is harder for our bodies to absorb these nutrients from food and other supplements. StamiLyte contains just enough of these nutrients so that your body gets what it needs. Our bodies are unable to efficiently absorb mineral supplements in tablets because they are not in a dissolved ionic form. If the body is not getting enough of these essential minerals, it can adversely compromise your immune system leading to serious illness.

How do you take the StamiLyte Concentrate?

Before strenuous exercise mix 10ml (two 5ml teaspoons) of StamiLyte Concentrate with one litre of water or juices. Pour the mixture into a bottle and seal tightly. Shake well to blend. Makes 2 x 500ml servings.